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Terms & Conditions for breeding at the EU Insemination Station

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All breeders that use the services of Böckmann Pferde GmbH acknowledge the following Terms & Conditions as well as the Terms & Conditions for Breeding and Insemination issued by the respective Verband.

The breeding season begins on January 1st and ends August 15th. Semen that is to be shipped the same day must be ordered by 9:30 a.m., giving the following information:
- Name of desired stallion
- Name and complete address of the mare owner
- Complete information on the mare (name, pedigree, registration number)
- Shipping address

In case of semen orders from abroad the whole stud fee must be paid in advance. If the payment has not been received on the date of order, no shipment occurs.

If a mare is to be used for an embryo transfer, this must be stated before each insemination. If we are not told that an embryo transfer will take place, each insemination will be invoiced twice.

Breeding certificates (Deckschein) must be submitted to the stallion keeper at the beginning of the breeding season; do not give these certifi cates to the veterinarian. 

As an approved EU insemination station, Böckmann Pferde GmbH is permitted to send fresh semen from our stallions when ordered. The costs for shipping semen will be invoiced separately. Ask Böckmann Pferde GmbH for a price quotation in advance.

Shipment abroad is possible from Monday to Thursday. When shipping semen abroad, an additional charge of 30 EUR will be made for a certificate issued by the German Veterinary Control Board. When the stallions are at shows, frozen semen will be used. The special Terms & Conditions for Frozen Semen are available from Böckmann Pferde GmbH upon request.

Liability will not be assumed for damage during transport. The breeding station must be immediately informed of claims by the following day. Otherwise, the transport will be invoiced. After the mare is inseminated, the signed semen usage form along with the Styrofoam box must be returned to Böckmann Pferde GmbH, postage paid; otherwise a charge of 20 EUR will be made for each Styrofoam box.

As of the breeding season 2013, the following Terms and Conditions apply for the stallions stationed when inseminating for the first time: 

- An advanced payment of the studfee is due before the first insemination. This term applies for every stallion. The prices of the stud fee for each stallion are found on the respective page in our stallion catalogue. When inseminating for the first time after July 1st, the advanced payment will be credited to the following breeding season if the mare does not come in foal. 
- A certificate has to be presented latest 60 days after the last insemination for mares that did not conceive. If the necessary certificate is not presented by September 1, 2017, the entire stud fee must be paid. A breeding certificate will only be issued after the stud fee has been paid in full.

Mares are boarded at the risk and on the account of the owner. The daily rate is 8 EUR; for mares with foals 10 EUR. A charge of 6 EUR will be made for mares without a foal on pasture.

Dr. Ute Pansegrau and Dr. Jan Hein Swagemakers are responsible for veterinary services at the station. A cervical culture is required for mares that are not in foal. Boarding is at the risk of the owner. The owner of the mare agrees that a veterinarian and a farrier may be called in at his/her cost if the stallion keeper deems this necessary.

When the mare is delivered or when semen is ordered, the customer acknowledges Böckmann Pferde GmbH’s Terms and Conditions for breeding. The place ofperformance and venue is the domicile of Böckmann Pferde GmbH.

All prices include the presently valid value added tax rate.



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The shipment of semen as well as mares to
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